February was more encouraging than January regarding ECA family donations, and 53% of the current ECA families have now donated to this stage of the building fund. We thank the Lord for those families, and for the willingness in their hearts to commit to this cause. We are praying that we will reach at least 90% of ECA family involvement by the end of this school year. Here’s a chart showing  the percentage of families in each class who have given to this stage of construction.
Last week we had three successful events to raise funds for construction! 1) All tickets for the benefit piano concert by Mary Jane Server were sold and almost 1.5 million pesos were added to the building account. 2) All the lechona servings were sold during ¡Celebremos a Colombia! for a profit of about a million pesos. And 3) the pro-construction bake sale that some 1st grade parents helped organize brought in over a million pesos!
$1.212 million pesos have come into our construction fund for this stage, which is close to half of what we need by July to be able to meet our goals of having the dining area ready to use in August and to have a roof on our sports center. This week Beth is travelling to the U.S. with a focus of connecting with former ECA families, staff, and students in an effort to raise funds for our construction project.

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