March has been an active month for construction fundraising. So far this month ECA families have donated $9’008,813. Remember, your donations during the month of March will be doubled, as one of our ECA families has promised to match all ECA family donations given during the month of March – up to $50’000.000!
A family in the U.S. has offered to give $50 USD for every new family (up to $1,000 USD) that gives before April 16. Giving in the next month is multiplied in two ways!
As of today, 57% of our current ECA families have donated to this stage of the building project – up from 51% 2 weeks ago. We’re still quite a bit shy of the 90% needed for Robbie Becker, our high school Bible teacher and chaplain, to go to the States to ask for donations for this project.
We now have $1.222 million pesos in our construction fund. Our goal for this stage is to be able to use the first floor of the new wing, including the dining area and a classroom, in August, and to have a roof over our sports center. In order to do that, we need $2.500 million – we’re not quite half way there.
We really hope all families will consider making a sacrificial, one-time or monthly donation to this campaign. In Robbie’s words, “Don’t think of it as an obligation. Don’t try and figure out how little you can give so that you don’t feel embarrassed. Think about how much you can give! Dream about the sacrifices you can make as a family! … I believe with all my heart that that is something worth investing in! Remember, we don’t give because it’s easy. And we don’t give so that we can be blessed. We give because there is a need. We give in order to bless others.”
We thank all parents who have committed to this cause. We also thank the class representatives who have undertaken the task of getting all parents from their class involved in trying to raise funds for construction.
Here is a chart showing the percentage of families in each class who have given to this stage of construction.

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