Lost and Found

We encourage all parents and students to review the Lost and Found rules starting on page 43 of the Handbook.

There are three places at school where you can look for items found around campus:

  1. On the table near the Elementary entrance:  these items have been collected from around campus that day and can be reclaimed without payment.
  2. In the locked showcases outside the small storage building between the cafeteria corridor and the motorcycle parking space:  these items were unclaimed from the table during the previous week or earlier. Owners need to pay $1.000 in the office to reclaim them.
  3. In the receptionist’s office: items of value are turned in to the receptionist. Students need to prove ownership and pay $1.000 to reclaim their items.

One comment

  1. Glenda Moyer

    A first grader (A) was very upset when he saw his classmate (B) wearing his (A) favorite non-ECA jacket! There was NO NAME printed on the jacket, and (B) said his mom had given it to him to wear.
    PLEASE stress to parents how IMPORTANT it is to LABEL all clothing that could be taken off during the day at school, to facilitate returning the items to the owners.

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