school supplies

Support ECA staff by purchasing your school supplies ahead of time at a discounted rate. Save time and money! You can reserve a pack by either:

  1. Paying a deposit of $50.000 during Awards Day, June 2. The balance should be paid on Registration Day, August 1 or 2.
  2. Paying the total amount by July 20 into this bank account:

Cuenta Ahorros No. 2033 569 9790
Convenido # 20279
NIT. 830.081.531-7
Ref: Código cliente (aparece en la factura mensual). Send proof of the deposit to

Prepaid packs will be distributed on Opening Day, Mon, Aug 7. Students must have their school supplies by the first week of school.

NOTE:  Prices for Bibles and book covers are not included in the supply pack cost.


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