Lanzamiento campaña buen vecino

Our task as a community is to provide an environment where integrity, respect, honor, love, and empathy prevail, in order to prevent intimidation and/or mistreatment within the ECA community. The Good Neighbor Champaign has different programs and activities:

1. The Good Neighbor Profile (Behaviors)

Below are some of the behaviors that characterize a person with integrity, that is, a good neighbor. We will be working on a different one each week at ECA, and we invite you to talk about them at home and to plant seeds of kindness in our children.

3 - 9
Accepting responsibility
10 - 16
Asking for forgiveness
17 - 21
Encouraging my friends
24 - 30
Caring about others

Here are some resources you can use as a family to reflect on the theme:

Accepting responsibility: It’s Not My Fault by Julia Cook
Asking for forgiveness: 3 Bible Stories About Forgiveness
Encouraging my friends: Friendship Soup Recipe
Caring about others: When I Care About Others ~ Read by Mr. Jones, the STEAM Teacher

2. The Travelling Book

Traveling BookThe Traveling Book started its journey through all the elementary and lower middle school families on August 24. The children have shared special moments of love and forgiveness not only at home but also at school.


3. Good Neighbor Campaign drawing competition

Encourage your children to participate!

GNC drawing competition

This is My commandment,
that you love one another as I have loved you.
John 15:12


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