On February 22 we had our 2nd Good Neighbor Day, a day to remember and practice being upstanders.

The day began with flag raising, led by some elementary students. They presented tools to be upstanders, using the tool belts that they had made in art class.



  • Courage
  • Empathy
  • Say “Stop!” in an assertive voice
  • Stand up, not by
  • Report it to an adult
  • Stand near the person
  • Provide support

HS and MS students made a video that showed us how to be upstanders!


In our classrooms, we reflected on and practiced how to be upstanders.


Now we have this keychain that reminds us every day how to be upstanders.


And to close the day in the best way, we started our program of student van monitors, who remind us of our van rules and declared our vans free of bullying!




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