We had 41 alumni, 13 teachers, and 8 family members or special guests for a total of 62 people at our annual Alumni Brunch in December. The classes of 2016 and 2018 had the largest representations (9 from each of those classes), and Nathan Moyer from the class of 2002 was our oldest alumni there (followed closely by Sam Killins and Daniel Gutiérrez from the class of 2003).

We were challenged by Kathleen Van Zandt (who taught most attending the alumni brunch during their MS years) with an inspiring devotional, and then by alumni David Izquierdo (2018) and Laura Quiñones (2013) with some of their life experiences. Laura has since left to work with refugees in Greece. What fun to reconnect and catch up a bit with the alumni who were able to join us. All alumni are encouraged to mark your calendars for Sat, Dec 14 for our next annual Alumni Brunch.


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