The Andean Condor is a Condor that lives in South America, therefore the Condor also lives in Colombia. The Andean Condor is the national bird of Colombia; in addition the Condor is the largest flying bird on Earth. Unfortunately, this majestic bird is endangered. Many countries have established laws to protect this bird, but other countries have not established any parameters or anything to protect the Andean Condor. Colombia is one of the countries that does not pay much attention to this issue, so we as Colombians have to make an impact to make this change.

One of the greatest reasons that the Andean Condor is endangered is because there has been a significant reduction of its habitat. Another reason that this bird is endangered is that farmers put toxic carrion, which is what Condors eat, on their crops. Farmers sometimes think that the Andean Condor is a threat for their plantations and cattle, therefore they kill it. Some things that we can help to do to protect them is protect their habitat, which are the mountains and the woods. Try not to start a fire in the middle of the woods because it can cause a forest fire. Another solution could be trying to tell farmers that the Andean Condor is harmless to their plantations and cattle. In conclusion, the Andean Condor is an endangered species and may become extinct if we don’t do anything about these huge and majestic birds.

Mateo Caballero, 8th grade

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