Attendance Logistics

To inform the office that your child will be absent the same day (not a pre-arranged absence), before 8:30a use our website’s Attendance QuickLink (preferred) or send an email to

When you know in advance, for elementary students, send an email to For secondary students, use the Secondary Pre-Arranged Absence form. It must be approved at least 1 school day prior to the absence to be considered excused.

We encourage all parents to read the Attendance section of the Handbook, pages 12-14.

Transportation Logistics

When your child needs to change transportation arrangements for the day, the primary method is to submit a Transportation Request (an online form) via our webpage under QuickLinks / Transportation Request. If it is for the afternoon the day the request is submitted, it needs to be submitted before 10:00a, and will be answered by 12:00 noon whether it will be possible to accommodate the request. See page 39 of the Handbook for more details and options.

We appreciate your continued patience the first weeks of school while Lobena adjusts routes to accommodate the extra students riding school vans this year.


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