Thank you all for your prayers for our last day with the Kogi families. Last night was a great success! We planned to start our service at 5:00 p.m. All the kids arrived early but many adults did not show up until about 7:00 p.m. Our students did a great job of entertaining the kids with many activities for hours before and during the service. We were nervous that the adults wouldn’t show up due to the rain, and even though it was only about 20 people, we had such a great time of sharing, praying, and worshipping together.

Our two students, Ana María Navarro and Gabriel Delgado, did a wonderful job preparing a time of encouragement through verses and sharing. Mr. Gutierrez also spoke and opened a time for the adults to share what was on their hearts. They shared about feeling alone in their faith, fears about the area they are living in, and the struggles of being the only Christian community. Praise God for a time for them to not only share this, but have words of encouragement from God through our students! We ended the night by watching the kids excitedly dance and sing along to worship songs taught by the rest of our team. Seeing our team and the Kogi families all praising God under a roof in the rain is a sweet moment that we won’t ever forget.

Goodbyes were hard last night. We hugged the kids and their parents one last time before seeing them hike off to their homes. After everyone left, we reflected as a team on all the amazing things God had done during our 4 days there. We are so grateful for this experience of serving the Kogi community and learning so much from their story.

Early this morning after a quick breakfast and some more goodbyes, we made our way back down the mountain. It was a hot 2-hour very downhill hike, but definitely easier than the climb up! After the hike, we headed straight to Palomino where we spent the day tubing down the Palomino river, swimming in the ocean, and eating good costeño food again. It really felt like a celebration and a restful time knowing that our team gave 100% during our service part of the trip.

Pray for our time of debriefing as a team tonight. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we leave in the morning to go back to Bogotá and should be there around noon. We want to be sure our students take the time to process, reflect, and remember what God has done not only this week, but how it all applies to the rest of their lives. May they never forget how God is working in Colombia and how they can be a part of it too!

Wendy Woehr


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