– from the Student Advocate

Financial knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit to accomplish dreams are important qualities needed to be prepared for life. Many ECA students will become extraordinary business people as life goes on. But for this to happen, it is important to have the knowledge and essential skills of how to participate in small businesses, sell, develop marketing campaigns, and have stable finances. This is why the ECA Student Advocate Committee is starting a project called ECA Marketplace, held on two separate platforms.

The first platform will be an Instagram account named @ECAmarketplace, which will be active 24/7 and will only be available to HS students. This platform is being launched today, Tue, Nov 12. HS students who would like to participate should fill out the form at school.

The second platform will be for MS and HS students, who will have a specific day to sell previously approved products. Sales will be during HS and MS lunches. The date for this activity will be announced soon.


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