Today was very bittersweet, because it is our last full day in Chocó, and it was the closing ceremony for the workshops we had been giving. It was a wonderful day, and it passed by in the blink of an eye.

In the morning workshops, we had over 100 kids – that was more kids than we had had the last few days. Nevertheless, they were mostly focused, and they were very energetic. God really worked in the time we had, so Satan wanted to disrupt that work, and some of the members were very tired or felt sick, but we all pushed through and worked really well as a team.

After lunch and some rest time, we had the closing ceremony for the workshops, and there were about 130 kids, some of whom we had seen only that day. It was very organized, and we were able to bless them all with a small gift and a snack, and then most of them played outside the church. Some of the team members played with the kids, running around and playing tag with kids on our backs, taking pictures with them, and hearing their impactful stories. Then, we went inside to have youth group with some people from the church, and we talked about 10 principles of wisdom.

After that, we walked around Quibdó and ate pizza at a restaurant with some of the people, like the pastor, his wife, and some worship leaders. It was really cool to hear their stories and everything they had to say.

By Isabella Bejarano



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