With all the things that are going on around the world against the family, we want you to be aware of some useful online resources:

Family Protection

The Colombian Constitutional Court admitted a claim that the Family Protection Law is unconstitutional. The demand is to expand and modify the concept of family to include partners, not just a husband and wife. Click here for more information.

Blasphemous Series

DC Comics is set to release an outrageous and blasphemous new series featuring Jesus Christ as the sidekick for an “all powerful” superhero.

According to Fox News, the Second Coming comic “reimagines why Jesus left earth the first time and is coming back again.” Author Mark Russell recently shared a bit about the concept behind his comic. He explained, “God was so upset with Jesus’ performance the first time he came to Earth, since he was arrested so soon and crucified shortly after, that he has kept him locked-up since then.” Click here if you want more information or if you want to protest against it.


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