You can participate in a variety of forms to help raise money for ECA’s gym flooring and the 2nd floor of our newest building.

  1. Piggy banks Piggy Banks (alcancías):  Put money into our special piggy banks for 100 days. If you have not received your bank yet, contact the office. They are to be turned in by May 17. The goal is to have over 200 banks receiving $2.000/ day for 100 days. This will add close to $50 million pesos to the construction drive.
  2. Promotional products:  Buy the following promotional items with the logo of the fundraising campaign. The notebook can be personalized with your name. You can get the complete kit for $80.000, or if you prefer, you can purchase each item independently. Order via an email to








Water bottle










  1. Agreement with the restaurant del Carajo:  Starting February 1, go to any of their three restaurants (La Calera, El Chicó or Ave. Villas) and enjoy a meal with friends and family, and any purchases made will result in 10% (pre-taxes) going for the construction. The applicable hours are:

La Calera Sopitas del Carajo

El Antojo

any Saturday

in February

12:00 – 5:00p

El Chicó Sopitas del Carajo

Kra 9a #99 – 2

Mon – Fri

12:00 – 4:00p

Ave. Villas Pizzas del Carajo

Kra 58 #129 – 36

Sun – Thu

12:00 – 10:00p

Here’s how:

Del Carao partnership

If you have any questions, contact


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