On Monday afternoon we had our lice campaign in Masit-shi. It was really sad to see some of these kids with their heads full of these insects. We did as much as we could. Masit-shi kids also had a time to play with our students once again, and we gave them presents. A piñata party was held and the kids were really happy. We gave baby clothes and diapers to some of the moms, but it is never enough to fill all their needs. At night, during the service, Giomar Méndez shared the story of Ezekiel. The group worshipped and danced to the Lord with all the community, and at the end they prayed for us and said goodbye, as we are leaving for Chentico tomorrow morning.

This morning we packed, got ready, and said goodbye to these beautiful people. We were very sad and we are already missing them, for they were very kind to us. After we left, we went to a place called La Raya and shared the Parable of the Prodigal Son. More kids were blessed with toys, school supplies, and also a piñata. It was a short visit but it was a happy time for them and for us. There is so much need everywhere we go, and there is so little we can do. We do as much as we can, loving them with God’s love.


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