People waste a lot of energy because they need it to develop their daily tasks, but they don’t use it efficiently. Here are some examples:

  1. We don’t turn off lights when we leave the bathroom or other rooms.
  2. We spend too much time on the computer.
  3. We use lights when we don’t need them.
  4. We use too many batteries that we cannot reuse.

Energy is not bad. The bad thing about energy is that we consume many natural resources to produce it, and sometimes we contaminate the environment producing it. What we should do is turn the list above upside down and be smarter about how we use energy. If we exclude the negative words on the list it will end up like this:

  1. Only use lights when we need them.
  2. Spend less time on the computer.
  3. Use rechargeable batteries.

The solution is in our hands and even one little change can make a difference.

Simona Rodríguez, 3rd grade

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  1. Maribel

    That’s so true, Simo! Thanks

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