A tribute to our non-academic team…

I regularly am asked in July how I enjoyed my vacation, and I smile slightly before answering that my true vacation time is in December when school is rolling pretty smoothly, and it is easier to “let go” and not worry about all the responsibilities that need to be cared for over the summer months. Our academic administrators may have a different schedule, and we do often enjoy more family times, but the amount of time invested in recruiting new staff is huge… interviewing, answering questions, resolving specific issues, checking out references, evaluating information, etc. We also have multiple on-line meetings regarding topics including curriculum, admissions, visas, missionary apartments, summer school logistics, construction issues, financial concerns, specific student requests, and scheduling. Our academic administrators can’t really let go in June and July!

But the heroes of June and July are not the academic team as much as our non-academic team, and I want to salute and thank them since they probably have the two most intense months of the year as they ready the school for the new year. When New Teacher Orientation begins in late July, the shining floors, freshly painted walls, sparkling windows, and newly arranged furniture welcomes us without words. Work requests have mostly been dealt with, and items that were broken or lacking have been purchased or readied for service. The hours of sacrificial service of our cleaning and maintenance teams are very evident, as we move back into action as an academic team. We are so blessed that this service of love, this attention to detail, this practical preparation for a new set of students is done with such diligence and responsibility. This year was especially challenging, as not only the normal maintenance and cleaning took place, but the new 2nd floor wing with its 7 new rooms was being finished. Lots of extra dust and construction issues appeared, to slow down the normal routine.

But it is not just the cleaning and maintenance team that shines at this time. Our computer team has reworked each of the work stations to maximize space use and minimize unnecessary hardware and wires. Computers in both of the labs have been updated and rotated according to an intentional and logical plan. About 150 computers are ready for student and staff use. We don’t take for granted this basic necessity for school. We appreciate the hard work that has gone into readying our technology infrastructure and our software for the upcoming school year. Those hours of work are not in vain!

Our office and financial staff members have also put in many long hours preparing for the upcoming year. Registration documents, data base updates, human resource paperwork, child protection policies, website updates, missionary apartment maintenance, agenda design, financial transactions, and event planning have all been part of the summer months. Summer school logistics and planning for the new year kept many busy. Closing the previous year and preparing for the new year has many pivotal processes. Though the staff is reduced in numbers over June and July, the amount of work that must be accomplished to be ready for the new staff, students and families is monumental.

So, when students jubilantly finish their academic focus in early June and leisurely begin to enjoy the later mornings and more free time, remember that ECA staff is kicking into an intense season of preparation for the upcoming year. Beginning with evaluation of the past year and closing multiple processes and records, the different branches of the ECA team move into high gear to prepare for the next school year. To be ready to welcome the new El Camino community in late July and early August, there are MANY vital behind-the-scenes tasks that must be completed. We are thankful for our ECA team that worked so diligently through the summer months so that we are ready to begin the 2019-20 school year with confidence in what God will accomplish.


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  1. Sara Jane Guzman

    What a beautiful tribute! We truly are blessed.

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