Tropical rainforests are one of the most diverse habitats on earth; 50% of the animals and plants on the entire world live there. The rainforests have two different types of climate: tropical and temperate. Rainforests can be located on every continent on Earth, except for Antarctica. The largest tropical rainforest, which is the Amazon, is located in Brazil. This habitat receives a large amount of rainfall, and trees and other plants help regulate temperatures worldwide. Tropical rainforests are very important for our earth.

Apart from regulating temperatures around the world, tropical rainforests provide one-fifth of all the fresh water we consume, and they have an important role in providing the oxygen we need in order to survive. In addition, scientists have discovered one-fourth of all medicines in this habitat. This is because most of the plants that are located there work for medicinal purposes. Tropical rainforests need our help! Every day this habitat is being threatened by mining, agriculture, and our own society! In fact before, there were 6 million square miles of forests, and now there are less than half that. Studies say that if this problem continues, 5-10% of the animal and plant species that live there will go extinct.

What can we do to stop this? First, we should stop consuming large amounts of paper, because trees are used to create them. Another way we can help with this problem is by recycling. At ECA we have two different kinds of trashcans, white and black. The things you can reuse such as bottles, papers, and paperboard go in the white trashcans, while things such as plastic, metal, and leftovers go in the black trashcans. If you do this, you are going to help the environment in a profound way. Everything is in your hands!

Samuel Reyes, 7th Grade

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