The following email was sent to ECA parents on Fri, Mar 13.

Dear Parents and ECA Secondary Students,

Yesterday we were able to share with all our staff and students different measures we are taking here at ECA to help protect our community from the COVID-19 virus and we are attaching a copy of some basic measures that are in place. We ask you as parents to work with your students to follow through on the various norms and routines we are following, and we ask all of our students to review the attached guidelines. At this time, we feel it is safe and wise to continue classes, keeping in mind the precautions below and keeping very in touch with the quickly-changing reality presented at this time. Today, it was publicly announced that for now, the government is not contemplating suspending classes, but that could change any day. We, as a school staff, are making plans for the possible need to have virtual classes, but our desire is to continue with normal classes as long as possible. Students will be bringing books home this Friday, just in case something occurs over the weekend, but they should bring them all back on Monday, unless you are notified by email of a change in schedule. We are planning to have normal classes next week!

We will be postponing indefinitely several events including planned field trips to the theater, the Fri, March 27 Easter Program and the March 28 PTF Family Day. Other events we will be doing virtually, like the Wed, March 25 Parent-Teacher Conferences. Also, we would like to discourage all visitors, including parents, to come on campus until after Holy Week, unless it is absolutely necessary. Please plan your prayer and committee meetings off campus and preferably do not enter ECA unless a face-to-face appointment is necessary. If you do come on campus and have been traveling recently, we ask you to stop by our nurse’s office to have your temperature taken.

We do plan to continue with the spring play that is being held at the United Church of Bogota for maximum audiences of 200. We will have some added security measures set up for this event. This could change if something drastically changes in the next 5 days, but this is our plan for this time. Do buy your tickets asap and if we have to cancel, your money will be refunded.

We also are planning to continue with our April 2-8 mission trips here within Colombia. We are monitoring national travel carefully, but hope we can continue with these important trips that our students have been preparing for the past months. Keep these groups very much in your prayers!

We are thankful for the wide variety of excellent resources, information, and advice we are receiving from multiple valid sources, and we covet your prayers as we try to make wise decisions that affect our ECA community. We will do all in our power to safely move forward with having normal classes, and we will continue to inform you of any changes or pertinent information.

Beth Afanador


El Camino Academy


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