An ECA van will be coming around to all ECA homes between Wed and Fri, Jun 3-5 to pick up all ECA textbooks and library books and any other ECA materials that need to be returned to school. Parents, you should put ALL of your children’s ECA materials in a labeled, unsealed plastic bag. We will be delivering a labeled bag with whatever of your children’s materials we have been able to gather from desks, cubbies, lockers, Lost and Found, etc. You will receive a call 10-20 minutes before the van arrives, so please have the bag ready to bring to the entrance of your home or apartment complex to expedite the exchange. If all of a student’s textbooks, library items, and other materials are not accounted for, their report card will not be sent home, so it is important to be diligent in collecting and sending ALL ECA materials. If someone will NOT be at your home during these days to facilitate this exchange, contact by noon on Mon, Jun 1 to make special arrangements to get your materials to ECA.


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  1. hilda m

    Que bueno, excelente opción y estrategia para este proceso

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