The realm of ethics crosses over to the realm of science in the case of genetically modified organisms, also known as GMOs. Genetically modified organisms have the potential to reduce world hunger, but this argument becomes invalid when it is compared with the fact that there is enough food on earth, it is just distributed poorly. Additionally, studies have shown that transgenic foods are less nutrient-dense than their organic counterparts, which can contribute to high cholesterol, heart disease, osteoporosis, depression, and more. Furthermore, GMOs have an amount of antibiotic resistance which can be passed onto humans. This means that when a consumer of GMOs gets sick, antibiotics will not react as effectively.

When considering the effects upon the environment, it is important to note that they cause superweeds to develop. Superweeds are plants which are harmful to the desired crop. They are much more difficult to eradicate than regular weeds, and may permanently damage the land or significantly alter a crop. Furthermore, GMOs are known to make insects resistant to pesticides. While GMOs are usually engineered to be immune to these pests, once the insects develop resistance to pesticides, they will be unstoppable for regular crops. However, GMOs do not only affect harmful insects. They also affect the valuable pollinators, bees and butterflies, which are responsible for a healthy, thriving environment.

When forming an opinion about GMOs, consumers must realize that these products are not fully understood, despite their extensive testing and regulations. Thankfully, we live in a beautiful country where it is simple to purchase organic produce—sometimes, it is even cheaper to buy organic fruits and vegetables than it is to buy processed foods filled with GMOs. Be intentional about choosing what you eat and what industries you support through your purchases.

By Isabella Bejarano, 12th


  1. Diana Parroquiano

    Isabella, thank you for your article, we must create awareness when buying.

  2. Francisco Chaves

    Great article. It openned wide me eyes about GMOs. I´ll be more intentional when buying our food. Thanks.

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