The team that visits from Prairie Christian Academy in Three Hills, Alberta every year will be in Bogotá, Feb 15-26.

  • On Fri, Feb 16 ECA is hosting this group of Canadian Christian high schoolers for Canada Day. Students in 1st-4th grade will have the opportunity to learn about Canada from these visitors, and HS students will get to have lunch and play volleyball with them after school.
  • On Sat, Feb 17 HS students are invited to a game night at Project Hope House (Calle 101 #71d-68), where there will be ice cream sundaes and games from 7:00-9:00p. Sign up at ECA to participate.
  • Our HS students will have the opportunity to accompany the Canadian team on various outreaches, providing translation services to the team. After interested students sign up, parents will be contacted with details.
  • We are looking for four ECA families to invite two Canadian students each for dinner on Mon, Feb 19 at 5:30 The families need to pick them up at Mirandela 12 (Carrera 46 #187-39) and spend quality time with them before taking them by 8:30p to Project Hope House (Calle 101 #71d-68) where they are staying in Pontevedra. Contact the ECA office or elcamino@eca.edu.co if you are interested in hosting these young missionaries in your home.

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