ECA’s first Battle of the Books has begun! The goal of the competition is to help our students, 1st – 8th grade, read a variety of books and then come together, in groups, to demonstrate their knowledge of those books. Students compete against other grade levels (elementary vs. elementary and MS vs. MS) and earn points by answering questions about the books. Last week MS began their tournament, and they are already halfway through; elementary began their tournament this Friday, April 20. The final battle will be Fri, May 11 and parents are welcome to come support their children! Keep cheering on your children, and even if they are not in the final competition, they can always be reading more!



  1. Maria Viana

    My girls are enjoying incredibly this competition. They just want to read and that is amazing. Thank you so much for encourage this efforts and for letting us participate. We will be there the 11th May.

    1. ECA Media department

      Thank you for the encouraging news about your daughters loving the competition! We are so glad they are excited to read. We look forward to having you here on May 11th to cheer them on!

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