Construction april 9

We would like to thank the 20 new families that joined this fundraising campaign by responding to the matching gift offered by a U.S. family. As of today, 70% of ECA families have supported this phase of the construction of our campus. We are sure the Lord is moving hearts, and we pray we will have 100% of ECA families participating before the end of this school year.

We have reached $1.350 million pesos between donations and ECA savings, which represents 54% of our short-term goal of $2.500 million pesos. We would like to encourage the ECA community to give sacrificially, so we can have funds to finish the facade of the education building and the foundation and metal structure of the multi-purpose sports court by August 2018.

We would also like to invite our ECA community to the upcoming events that have the purpose of raising funds for construction:

  • In May we are holding an exceptional dinner to celebrate Mother’s Day, with the participation of a special guest artist. Stay tuned for more details!
  • On Sat, June 2 we will have our ECA Business Fair which is a great opportunity not only to promote and sell your goods and services, but also to network. We are also going to have special guests and different activities during that last day of our school year. Click here for more details.

Lastly, the percentage of families in each class who have given to this stage of construction has increased for almost every class! There will be a Pizza Party prize for the first class in each section (Elementary/MS/HS) that reaches 100% participation. Here is the updated chart, followed by the one 2 weeks ago so you can see how much each classes grew!

As of April 18:

Fundraising Participation

As of April 5:

Fundraising Participation



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