Celebrate Colombia! On one of the favorite days of the ECA year, Fri, Feb 23, our whole community enjoyed folk dances, participated in cultural activities and competed by teams to share Colombian information and knowledge. On ECA’s yearly celebration of the cultural roots of the majority of our students and families, Spanish is encouraged, and no one gets in trouble for speaking their native tongue on this day. Our Spanish team always wows us with decorations, costumes, choreographies and many other special touches to help us truly Celebrate Colombia. This year was no exception.
Unfortunately, this year we were a bit squeezed for space, due to sharing our lot with the construction that began in December. But knowing this lack of a larger auditorium or meeting area is temporary made it very manageable, and the creative use of our facilities allowed the festivities to proceed. Actually, having parents here when cement was being poured for the second floor was rather exciting, since it is a historic event to actually watch the new building grow.
Since our projected growth is for the purpose of investing in Colombia by affecting upcoming generations, this is one way we at ECA can Celebrate Colombia: moving forward with the construction, taking steps of faith as far as finances, and believing God to grow our school to have more of an impact on Colombia. Our dream is that our current and past families and staff, as well as our graduates, will continue to Celebrate Colombia, not just with dances and dramas or other cultural activities as in their student days, but by continuing to invest in what God is doing through ECA.

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