Months of logistics led to the major mobilization of six teams launched out to serve the Lord over Easter week. From the Amazon jungle to the Guajira desert, from the Choco rain forest to the plains of Meta, from the Sierra Nevada mountain top to the city of Bucaramanga, our ECA teams reached out to indigenous villages, at-risk city kids, children affected by violence and living on a farm for their protection, and to vulnerable populations living in poverty. Sharing Bible, English and recreational activities, practically laboring in requested projects, and lovingly interacting with those who live VERY different lives than those we live in Bogota, our ECA teams invested a week to not only serve, but also to grow. (See reports →)

Though I know our students bring lots of love and joy to the populations they reach out to serve, my prayer is not just for those we are serving, but even more for the changed hearts and minds of our ECA students. As they see first-hand heart-breaking needs and challenges of marginalized populations, my prayer is that they hear God speaking to them about making a difference. Not just a quick hug or lesson taught during a week of service, but actually preparing to make a long-term impact!

Who will be the future Minister of Education or Health that creates policy and assures wise use of funds to truly help the needy? Who will be an advocate for the indigenous populations, with justice and mercy? Who will be trained to work with those who are displaced, due to violence or threats of being kidnapped to be a child soldier or prostitute? Who will not only have a heart of compassion, but also the academic skills to step into leadership and start a foundation, children’s home or school, to move into government or business positions of influence and truly MAKE A DIFFERENCE for the kingdom of God?

I pray our ECA students who have been involved in mission trips will never forget the lessons learned and that they will prepare and commit to be those world-changers who wrestle with and solve major societal issues. I pray that our students will be champions for the oppressed and that they will bring God’s hope for a better future to many of the forgotten in our world.



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