Parents, remember that you earn 1 point/parent/semester when you read the bulletin throughout the semester. To get credit, you must read at least 7 of the 9 bulletin emails sent to your email address for 1st semester and five of the first six bulletins for 2nd semester, all within a week of each publication date.

If you weren’t doing it this semester, be intentional about it next semester. Families can earn up to 4 family points each year if both parents consistently read the bulletin both semesters. So far, we have 23 parents who have earned a point for this semester, and 22 more who will earn a point if they read this bulletin following the criteria.



  1. Paola Fonseca

    Excelente idea. Como se hace para registrar los puntos cuando se lee el boletín?
    Mil gracias

    1. ECA Media Department

      Buen día,
      La plataforma que usamos para enviar el boletín nos envía un reporte. Solo es necesario leerlo.

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