A forest fire is a fire that extends uncontrollably throughout wild and forest areas, affecting the wildlife and flora of the region. One can distinguish a forest fire by its great velocity that enables it to overcome obstacles like rivers and firewalls. There are many factors that can cause a forest fire. For example, long droughts caused by the dehydration of plants can contribute greatly to the creation of forest fires. Usually, plants take water from the substratum, but when the humidity of the area lowers about 30%, the plants can no longer obtain water and they dry out. Because of this, plants can get easily burned and emit ethylene into the atmosphere in the process. As human beings, we are responsible for 96% of all of the forest fires; consequently, the use of fires in agriculture is responsible for 35% of those fires. We need to take care of the environment in order to prevent tragedies like forest fires to occur.

Gabriela Granados
Vigía Ambiental 3rd grade
Translated by Juan Esteban Aguirre, 11th


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