Construction april 9

A family in the U.S. will donate $50 USD for each ECA family who donates at least $50.000 COP to the current fundraising campaign during the next 2 weeks (April 9 – 20), up to 20 families. That is, they will donate up to $1,000 USD. So spread the word and encourage people to donate in these next 2 weeks!

Another endeavor that will help our fundraising is The Lion King, so promote ticket sales since this year we have room for approximately 750 people in three performances.

We now have $1.300 million pesos for our construction fund, with donations and ECA savings combined. As of today, 62% of our current ECA families have donated to this stage of the building project. 

Are you an ECA parent? Would you like to actively participate in fundraising? We would love to meet with you to brainstorm about possible events and activities.

Here is the updated chart showing the percentage of families in each class who have given to this stage of construction.

Fundraising Participation April 9


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