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In September, we recognized the best drawings submitted by 1st – 4th graders for the Good Neighbor Campaign drawing contest. The theme was one of the behaviors that characterize a good neighbor:  Do not exclude others. The drawings had clear, strong messages and showed good artistic abilities. We invite you to see the results of the contest here. You can also see the winning drawings exhibited in our Good Neighbor Gallery.

Certificate Ceremony:

The Good Neighbor behaviors we are exploring this month are:




Sharing and taking turns

Not ignoring others

Saying nice things to others

Offering to help

So far, about 50 families have had the Traveling Book in their homes. The majority of parents have expressed that this has been a beautiful experience and an important moment to talk with their children about integrity, kindness, empathy, and the love of Jesus. Thanks to each family for their participation.

We continue working on building an increasingly safe environment at El Camino, where integrity characterizes our behavior. We invite you to continue to sow seeds of love towards others in your children.

This is my commandment:  love one another
in the same way that I have loved you.

John 15:12


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