Good Neighbor Day 1

Last Friday our Student Advocate introduced Good Neighbor Day during our monthly Flag Raising ceremony, encouraging our students and staff to be good neighbors.

After Flag Raising, Kinder-12th grade students watched this video. We encourage all our parents to watch this 4-minute clip about dealing with inappropriate behavior at school.

During the day, students had the opportunity to take pictures with our mascot the bulldog, and remember his message “It’s cool to care.”


Antibullying Vaccination Day! To end the day, HS students administered “vaccines” to elementary and MS students who want to put a priority on caring for others, loving them as Jesus loves us, and getting involved when an abusive situation occurs. The students received their vaccines and vaccination certificates to show they want to reject any infection having to do with bullying.


Keep praying for our students’ relationships here at ECA, and talk with your children about the campaign’s message.


For 2nd – 8th grades

vaccine certificate

For PK – 1st

vaccine certificate



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