First, click here to watch our new video introducing our mascot Bruno, whose name was decided on Grandparents’ Day.

Second, in our school-wide battle against bullying we have a new worksheet in our Good Neighbor arsenal called Sowing at Home. Most of our 2nd – 5th grade families have already gone over the worksheet together and have seen how important the role of an upstander (protector in Spanish) truly is. We’d like to share it with the whole community, so all ECA families can benefit. Click here to see a copy.

Bullying situations can occur anywhere:  on school vans, during breaks, in bathrooms or hallways, on the playground, or even in the classroom. Upstanders are key to stopping a bully. When upstanders see what’s happening, they need to respond assertively to the situation, offer help to the victim, and make sure the situation is reported. These reactions help prevent bullying from happening again, and help our students treat each other properly.

We invite you to visit our Good Neighbor Gallery near the school cafeteria, where you can see other ways upstanders can respond.

GNC Gallery


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