Grandparents' Day

For the second year in a row, we have celebrated Grandparents’ Day during the fall semester. This year, Nov 9 was the day we had close to 250 grandparents visit our campus.

Their day with us included a tour, where they could observe student work, as well as get to know our campus a bit. They also visited classes with their grandchildren and shared a snack with them. Participating in a chapel and flag- raising ceremony, as well as learning more about ECA history and life occurred before grandparents and grandchildren ate lunch together.

Our informal poll in the auditorium showed us the oldest and the youngest grandparent, the one who had the most ECA grandchildren (six), and the one who had the most grandchildren, overall. Grandparents had traveled from Medellin, Sogamosa, Tunja, Villeta, Fusa and other places to be with us on THEIR special ECA day, and we appreciate the effort of each one!

A resounding “Sí”

When we asked the grandparents if this event should be repeated, there was a resounding “Sí” and applause in our auditorium. As I chatted with grandmas and grandpas as the time was ending, over and over I heard comments like:

  • Thank you for inviting us.
  • It is so nice to see and better understand our grandchildrens’ world.
  • Thanks for making us feel welcome.
  • No other school does this. THANK YOU!

Every new event at ECA has to pass a pretty tough evaluation, as we decide if it aligns with our vision and mission, and if the extra logistical work, “lost” class time and extra costs were worth the results. Though we have enjoyed hosting our grandparents these past two years, it is healthy to look at the pros and cons of this event, as we decide how to move forward with plans for any similar future gathering with grandparents.

We believe that working with parents and families is very important in the education of our students, and as we strengthen ties between our students and their grandparents, we feel that there will be positive results.

Part of our community

Our ECA vision statement states that we are an educational community, and we want grandparents to be a vital part of that community, investing in the education and formation of their grandchildren.

We not only want to draw in our grandparents, but we want to learn from them. They have lived history that our students have not. They have valuable life experiences and perspectives that they should pass on. We want to figure out more ways to improve communication so their wisdom is not lost, but built upon.

Two of our core values are respect and love, and we want to do all we can to encourage our students to build loving relationships with their grandparents, full of respect.

We feel privileged that we were able to host these very special family members on our campus, and all indicates that we are beginning a new tradition. We just need to find the date for Grandparents’ Day 2019!


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