Opening Day - Assembly

It is hard to describe the excitement that our ECA community is sharing, as we begin using the first floor of our new building. Our whole student body had prayed for the upcoming construction at the end of May in the grassy patio inside the wooden structures, and now replacing them is a 3-story brick structure, housing our kindergarten room and a dining area. The “temporary” wooden buildings that have served us so well for many years are now memories, and a beautiful brick wing is the new reality. As representative students, alumni, parents and staff put their handprints in the wet cement in the entrance area the first week of August, we were very aware that we are all part of a new chapter for ECA.

We were able to fit close to 400 chairs in the first floor for our opening parent assembly on Aug 7. Though the sound was not perfected yet, there was a tangible sense of thanksgiving, and almost of awe, that God had brought our dream to reality. As group after group toured the unfinished second and third floors that are still in “obra gris,” or just rough cement, we can look forward in faith for the future, since we have such living proof of God’s faithfulness around us.


Beth Afanador

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