The Lion King 2018 Play

On April 13-14, our high schoolers delighted their three audiences with their unique musical presentation of The Lion King. The energy, costumes, make-up, sets, and overall experience of our yearly drama is always a highlight of the year. Some schools rally their school spirit around their competitive sports teams, but what we do best as far as extracurriculars is our play.

As I watch our students, some of whom are not necessarily top students, shine on stage, I am reminded of the beauty of God’s plan of giving us different gifts. What joy there is in listening to an incredible solo, laughing at the antics or comments of an imaginary beast, and being taken back by the evil of a villain…all those being OUR students using their gifts creatively. What teamwork is necessary for this type of extravagant production!

What a great reminder of the diversity in God’s community. We have unique gifts that come together to create something very special. Those behind-the-curtain stagehands, the creative make-up team, and the boisterous actors all weave their very different talents together to transport us to an imaginary world. As we work together as an ECA community, we too depend on very different talents to build up and challenge one another. The master play director draws out the best in each of us to build his body to best impact the world. My prayer is that we will be responsive to our God as he directs us to use our varied talents and gifts in the great work he is doing in and through us here at ECA!



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