With our detailed construction budget in hand, some unexpected savings during Dec and Jan, recognition of a probable 20% increase in costs if we delay the construction of the multi-purpose sports court, and a clearer idea of how much progress we need to make to be able to have usable space by August 2018, the Board has approved increasing our short-term fundraising goal from $1.8 million pesos to $2.5 million pesos. This should allow us to finish the foundation, exterior walls, part of the electrical and plumbing systems, floors, and plaster on the inner walls of the three-story wing. This should allow us to be able to use the dining area for the new school year, though it will not be totally finished. This also allows us to finish the foundation and metal structure of the multi-purpose sports court.
Since our construction license will expire in January 2019, it is critical for us to get foundations in, exterior walls up, and roofs on the areas in our plans.
Last weekend at our annual parent assembly, we presented data about construction, as well as the fundraising goals we have for this year. Since we are racing against the clock, we challenge all parents to be involved in our fundraising efforts. We really hope to see the participation rate increase – currently 29% of families are giving/have given to our fundraising campaign. As different members of the ECA fundraising team present our project to non-ECA families, it is a key component to show that current families support the vision and cause of the construction project. This support is best reflected in active giving, no matter what the amount. We would love to have 100% of our parents involved in some way in our construction drive.

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