First day of school

Opening Day activities are Tue, Aug 7. This is a special time of orientation, fellowship, and integration to begin our new school year together.

We plan to begin at 9:30a with a meet-and-greet time, and student attendance will be taken at 10:00a for their first day of class. When the 9:55a bell rings, all students should go directly to their classrooms and all parents should move to the new cafeteria for our parent assembly.

Parent Assembly

Parents are cordially invited to our annual, required-by-law Parent Assembly from 10:00a to 12:00 noon, in the cafeteria in the new building area! We will vote for parent representatives for various committees, share prayer requests and announcements, hear from the Board, get a fundraising and construction update, and have teacher introductions, among other activities.

Those who would like to take advantage of our translation service during the Assembly, for either English to Spanish or Spanish to English, need to bring a headset and a device that can receive the radio signal 87.5 FM. There will be ECA staff who can help you if you need to get connected.


If for any reason your child will not be here Tue, Aug 7 or after, be sure to fill out a Pre-Arranged Absence form and send it to by Mon, Aug 6.


Save the date

5th Grade Parents! Welcome to Middle School!

You’re invited to the 5th Grade Parent Meeting!


When:      Tue, Aug 7 at 9:00a (before classes and the Assembly start)

Where:     MPR

Why:  Come find out about the transition from 4th to 5th grade and ask any questions you might have. We hope to see you there!


There will be no parking on campus, and we will not be providing security for cars parked on the streets. If you decide to park on the street at your own risk, PLEASE DO NOT PARK WITHIN 50 METERS OF THE GATE to leave the area clear for drop-offs.

We have arranged with the restaurant one block east of ECA, Mi Margarita (new name) to use their parking area again. The cost is $5.000 for the event. There will be no shuttle service between ECA and Mi Margarita either direction.

ECA family ID


Parents, when you arrive, register your attendance at one of the three attendance tables inside the front gate:  A-G, H-M, or N-Z based on the family name. Bring your ECA Attendance ID card for quick registration of your attendance; otherwise, you can use your cédula. Your attendance is needed for Family Points and Parent Assembly quorum purposes.


This year’s picnic, which begins at 12:00 noon, is hosted by the PTF (Parent/Teacher Fellowship) and 12th grade, and proceeds will be divided between them. This is a time for staff, students, and parents to come together for fellowship, so plan to stay and mingle in the afternoon as long as you would like.

Picnic ECA 2018

Tickets for Meals, Drinks, Desserts, and Games

If you haven’t already, plan to buy meal tickets for the Opening Day Picnic at the PTF table on Registration days, Wed-Thu, Aug 1-2.

At the picnic, there will be tables where you can buy tickets for meals, drinks, desserts, and games, and get a list of games and items for sale as well as pick up your pre-purchased meal tickets. You can also buy additional meal tickets at the picnic.

There will be an auction, games, and activities for families to enjoy – so bring some cash! One of the games involves water, so parents might want to consider bringing an extra set of clothes for their children.


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