Spring Play

Spring Play!Save the dates! We’re excited about presenting Beauty and the Beast, the first spring play after the 2-year break

Retreats 2018

T4:8 Retreat

T4:8 is excited to start the 2018-19 year! We’re kicking off this year with our team retreat to Prado, La Tolima

First day of school

Opening Day

Opening Day activities are Tue, Aug 7. This is a special time of orientation, fellowship, and integration to begin our

Pruebas Avancemos

Pruebas Avancemos

ICFES is conducting a pilot test for 4th, 6th, and 8th grades designed to provide new evaluation tools for schools,


Parent Prayer Meetings

There have been periodic grade-level parent prayer meetings throughout the school year, but beginning this month, we will be implementing

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