Lost and Found

Parents, if your child loses an item, and if it was found on campus, it can be retrieved from the table in the main hallway in front of the elementary principal assistant’s office. There is no cost if it is retrieved the same week it was found. At the end of each week, all items on the table are placed in the locked cabinets outside near the parking area, and students pay $1.000 to the receptionist or cashier to retrieve an item. After payment, students need to ask the receptionist or their principal’s assistant to request that their items be retrieved from the cabinet. All retrieval requests are processed Mon-Fri 9:00-10:00a.

Some items of greater value (like watches, electronics, glasses, retainers, etc.) are kept by the receptionist. At the end of the year, unlabeled and unclaimed items will be sold or donated.

We HIGHLY recommend labeling all clothing articles that students might take off at school, as well as other items that are brought to school. We also highly recommend that students NOT bring expensive items to school.


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