This contest that highlights magazines is now running in the library and will continue through Fri, Nov 9. There is a basic version and an advanced version:

  • Basic version:  Choose a question from the bulletin board in the library, find the corresponding magazine, and leaf through it until you find the answer to the question. Three answers = $1.500 certificate for Asher’s snack shop (30 prizes available). This version is geared toward upper elementary and middle school.
  • Advanced versionChoose a magazine article from a predetermined list, read it, and fill out a response form. The first three students to submit response forms for 20 pages of reading (approximately 10 articles) may choose one of the following prizes, either for themselves or as a gift for someone else:
    • A gift certificate for hang gliding at Parapente Paraiso, north of Bogotá
    • A gourmet home-delivered breakfast from Breakfast4You (good for gifting)
    • Reservations for four at  Roerik Café’s  private movie theater; includes in-house pizza

All articles are from the Answers magazine (Institute for Creation Research), and the contest is intended to increase exposure to arguments put forth by scientists who do not believe that the data in various fields requires an interpretation consistent with the presupposition of evolution over billions of years.

Due to the reading level required, the advanced version is geared toward high school students.

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