When you die and stand before God to give an account for your life, what thoughts do you think will be going through your mind regarding your money?  Will you be wishing that you had kept more for yourself while on earth?  Will you be regretting all the ways you were generous towards others?  When you stand before God in all His glory, will you wish that you had been more selfish?  Will you be happy about the ways in which you closed your ears and hearts to the needs of those around you? 

These questions ought to haunt us as Christians.  None of us would say “yes” with our lips in response to any of these questions.  But our lives and our bank accounts frequently reflect that the answer of our heart is far more selfish than we want to believe.  We go about our daily lives with a focus on the here and now, pushing eternity out of our mind, suppressing the truth of where we are all headed.  And we try even harder to suppress the truth that one of the ways in which we will be judged is in our generosity towards others (Matthew 25:31-46). 

Christian, why are you holding on to your money as if you are the one in charge of your life?  Jesus really is King, but is He really your King?  Do you trust Him to provide for your needs or are you so blinded by the idea of financial responsibility that you’ve forgotten Who is actually responsible for taking care of you and your family?  I’m not saying we should be irresponsible with our money, but I do think the way we view money should be so drastically different from the world that it very well might look irresponsible to them. 

None of us are going to stand before God when we die and think to ourselves, “I wish I had kept more for myself.  I wish I hadn’t given so much away.  Why did I have to be so generous and sacrifice so much?”  No.  I fear that many of us will be filled with regret when we stand before God for how little we trusted Him, and how much we kept for ourselves.  We will look back at our lives and see all the ways that we could have given so much more.  We’ll see how we could have drastically simplified our living to free up more resources to give away to those who were truly in need. 

ECA family, our school is in need right now.  We need donations to finish building this school.  And we need to finish building this school so that more lives can be changed, equipped, and sent out into the world to meet urgent physical and spiritual needs.  We need your donations! 

So, I’m asking you today: would you please donate to ECA construction?  We need to have the final building built in 15 months, and so far, we have no money to even begin.  Let’s be the type of community that Jesus desires us to be – loving, generous, radical imitators of our King, trusting Him to meet our needs as we seek to meet the needs of others. 

Instructions for giving can be found here.


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