A lot has happened over the past month and a lot more will be happening in the months to come!


The floor was painted last semester and the first phase (first 2.5 meters from the floor) of the wall is complete. It looks great!  The holes for volleyball poles have been drilled into the floor.  Moving forward, the plan is to temporarily put netting around the top part of the walls to keep balls from going outside the gym until we have enough money to build the remainder of the walls.  To finish the gym completely, we will need about $350 million pesos.

Annex Building

The blueprints are completed and the plan is to start demolition of the last remaining wooden building in May 2020.  The annex should take about 6 months to build, so our hope is to have the shell (foundation, walls, and roof) done by December 2020 before our construction license expires in February 2021.  The total cost for this important building is about $1280 million pesos.

3rd Floor

The new 3rd floor is not projected to be needed for at least another 18 months, so we will be putting all our effort into other projects until we need that space.  If you would like to see what the new 3rd floor currently looks like, sign up for a Vision Day this semester and get a tour!


We still have two outstanding loans that we are paying off. We have $83 million pesos remaining on the first and will finish paying it off in May 2020, and $265 million is left on the second loan which should be paid off by June 2021.


Our parent giving has been down this year. While we have had a few generous donations, the overall numbers show a lack of involvement from our ECA families as a whole. We’ve received about $76 million pesos and about $22,500 dollars in donations since August 7, but most of that is from a few large donors. 83% of our families have not participated in our building campaign this school year. We would encourage you to see how your family can get involved and help the school move forward!

To finish ALL the construction, the total cost is $1.5 million dollars.  That’s about $14 million pesos per ECA family, if all contributed equally.  Would you pray and consider how your family could help to provide some of that need?  Many ECA faculty and staff (Colombian and missionary) make monthly donations that are a huge blessing to the school.  You can sign up to do the same!

To learn more about how to give, click here


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