Today was a very productive day! After a restful night, we had breakfast with Gustavo—our missionary contact with the Jiw—and met his wife Rosiris. They shared how they came to serve the Jiw, and helped us prepare for the day.

Then we traveled to the indigenous communities to play with them and teach them more Spanish. It was very encouraging to see the kids smile more at us, respond to our “mois” (hellos), and start to remember words like “verde” and “sol.”

We went back to San José for a quick lunch and rushed back to teach the Jiw about the week of creation. Not only did the children listen, but also the adults. Thank God for allowing us to share His word and pray so that we can keep on bridging the language gap and sharing God’s love with them.

*By the student that Miss Conrad loves (you’ll get this if you’re reading the book of John),
also known as Zarina Valdiri


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