Last night, we finished off the day by having a scrumptious supper in an ice cream parlor with Rosiris and Gustavo. While we were eating, they shared their story with us about how they had come in contact with the Jiw people and about different things that they have been struggling with in their past 14 years of ministry here in Guaviare. We left the ice cream place around 9:30 and immediately went to bed when we got back to the hotel.

We apologize for not having clarified the second part of our last post’s title. Yoela is a girl who we met on our first day visiting Cornelio’s community. We forgot her name and had to ask her to repeat it four times! However, when we got back into the van and tried remembering the kids’ names, we were confused about what the name of the little girl could be. It was only yesterday (Monday) that we were able to ask the girl what her name was…again. We were finally able to confirm that Miguel had been right all along, though he had doubted himself: her name was Yoela.

Today, things started swiftly and in the usual way, starting with devotionals and then proceeding to eat breakfast in a nearby restaurant (it’s literally next to the hotel). After this, a few members of the team went out to buy a few goodies for the Jiw people.

Later on, we went to two of the communities, including the main one, where Gustavo and Rosiris have their missionary home. In the main community, we helped Gustavo and Rosiris clean their home because they had been away for awhile. It was a very productive time; some of us cut the overgrown grass in the yard with machetes, others got rid of the plentiful cobwebs (and also the spiders), others swept the dust that had accumulated on the floor, and others cleaned chairs and other surfaces.

During this time, a few people in the group decided to accompany Rafa to observe the tractor in action (the Jiw are being helped so that they can grow yuca easily). At that time, and for unknown reasons, the people there had to run for their lives to escape from some angry wasps. Most of the people were well away from the wasps. Unfortunately, Rafa was one of the people riding in the tractor, and he was stung a great number of times. The Jiw who were around helped him to remove the stingers. Later on, he went to the hospital, where he found out that having removed the stingers just after the incident had saved him from having to go through more serious consequences. After this, we went to have lunch with Gustavo and Rosiris.

Tonight, we returned to the communities to present the Creation story in Spanish with Jiw translation and to say our goodbyes. Now, we’re heading out to dinner. Please pray that we will end our trip well and that all our efforts have planted seeds.

By Andreas Horne


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