Natural disasters refer to the events caused by nature that have a great effect on today’s society. Humans witness multiple catastrophes and events every day that affect their well-being and safety. Events like earthquakes, thunderstorms, tsunamis, mudslides, and avalanches continuously threaten the development of human society and force humans to find ways to prevent these natural disasters and their negative effects.

As stated before, natural disasters do not derive from human intervention; therefore, humans are not responsible for the atrocious effects of these catastrophes. Nevertheless, humanity should unite in order to help alleviate the consequences of such events. Organizations to help the people in need, the use of technology to develop new defense mechanisms against the disasters, and even the unity of humans in times of trouble help to weaken the effects of the catastrophic events in our society – or at least to quickly restore and rebuild what was lost. Instead of being apathetic toward the people affected by natural disasters, people from around the world should unite and find ways to quickly help the people in need. Natural disasters are inevitable, but with the help of all of the people, humans can help alleviate the effects they have on society, and save many lives around the world.

Juan Esteban Aguirre, 11th Grade

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