This year our online pre-registration process will involve a PDF for parents to fill out electronically and return as an email attachment.

To be able to register for next year, families need to be up-to-date with all school payments as of March 31. If you are behind on payments, contact the school finance office as soon as possible to work out a payment plan.

Those families who have paid the first 8 months of school should receive the PDF pre-registration form on April 8. It will be due back 2 weeks later on Mon, Apr 22. Families who turn in their forms after the deadline will need to pay a $60.000 late fee. If you have any questions, contact



  1. Patricia Ramirez

    Thanks. Can this form be turned back online? or it has to be a hard copy?

    1. ECA Media Department

      Good afternoon,
      The form should be turned in online via email.

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