Family Points

Parents, it’s time to check your Family Point tally as of the end of March. Go to FACTS ParentsWeb / Family Information / Online Filing Cabinet / Points. You have until Fri, Apr 12 to clear up any discrepancies for March. If you see anything amiss, write to

Remember, to be exempt from the $300.000 Complementary Parent Activities Fee you need to complete your points by April 15. The May 2019 bill for all families who are short on points will include a charge for those missing points. If, however, parents attend any events associated with points from April 15 to May 10, the payment for those points will be reimbursed to the family.

Congrats to the over 100 families who have already completed their points!

That leaves just over 50% of our 220 families who need to earn more points. Here are the remaining public events parents can attend for points. Other opportunities are listed on page 33 of the Handbook.





April 24

NHS Induction (by invitation only)


April 26

Secret Church


May 2-4

Spring Play


May 5

Alumni English Worship Night


May 7-8

Parent Workshop


May 10

Battle of the Books


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