Smart Watches

Lately there has been confusion about the use of smart watches at school. These fall in the category of electronic devices covered in the Handbook, which states:

  • Students are responsible for the technology they bring to school, according to the guidelines established for each level. If devices are used inappropriately or at inappropriate times, they will be temporarily confiscated and a demerit will be given. Repeated infractions may have more severe consequences
    • Elementary:  Devices that elementary students bring to school must be kept in their backpacks while on campus, at their own risk.
    • Middle School:  Electronic devices should be powered off and put away while inside classrooms during the school day, except during break and lunch outside the building. Use of phones or devices during passing periods is not permitted.
    • High School:  Electronic devices should not be visible or audible in classrooms except with teacher permission, which should be requested before the phone or device is visible. 

Thank you for your compliance with these policies.


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  1. luis theran

    totalmente de acuerdo. gracias

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