• Why are they contaminated?

Can you believe that 80% of marine pollution comes from the land? Most of the time this happens as a result of runoff or the draining away of water. This happens when trucks, cars or any source of transportation drops small amounts of oil, which make their way to the sea. The sea can also be polluted with air pollution. This happens when dirt or contamination gets in the air and then gets in the sea. This pollutant can really harm fish and marine life. Finally, trash that people leave on beaches many times ends up in the oceans, and it can really harm marine life. This might cause animals to die, or it could result in something worse.

  • How does this affect us as ECA students, and how can we help?

You might be asking yourself, “How does this harm me?” or “How does this affect my school?” The answer is simply, water provides life. Without water, neither you nor I would be alive right now. Also, we wouldn’t be able to go to a nice beach during the summer because they would be contaminated.

Now, how can we stop this problem from happening? Maybe we can’t do something that is going to stop marine pollution immediately, but we can take little actions that can really make a difference. Every time you go to a beach, make sure you clean up all your personal trash, and try to pick up some left by others. Second, try not to use your car all the time, because this causes harm for marine life. You wouldn’t be helping only the oceans, but also the environment. You can also help at ECA by making sure you use only the amount of water you need, and by cleaning the area around you.

Gabriela Sabogal, 6th Grade

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  1. luis theran

    excelente reflexión.
    “si sabemos hacer lo bueno y no lo hacemos se nos cuenta como pecado” Stg 4:17

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