Since most September flights have been postponed until October, our foreign staff continues to be uncertain about their return to Colombia. Also, the ECA biosafety protocols for students on campus have not yet been approved. Therefore the ECA leadership team has decided to continue Phase I – Distance Learning through the first quarter or until Fri, Oct 2. If possible, there may be some pilot encounters during September to test out new technology and confirm procedures, but the goal is to have at least 35% of ECA students on campus 2nd quarter, if it is safe, wise, and legally possible. The plan is to begin with elementary students as soon as possible, since they are the ones least able to take advantage of distance learning. The government has promised to release more protocols for private schools in the near future, which will determine the next steps.

All parents should have filled out a preference survey regarding what your preferred learning option is for Phase II when permission is granted to have classes on campus, following the applicable guidelines. If you have questions, contact


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